A collection of resources about and for Ace identifying people.

Note: The Japanese ace community is strongest on Twitter. オフ会 / meetups are often setup on the Japanese Twitter event site TwiPla and circulated around Twitter weeks to months before they’re held. With the way Twitter functions, there is no one link or site to give to people hoping to connect with Japanese aces. It’s best to just search the #Aセクシャル or #アセクシャル tags on Twitter if one wants to connect with Japanese aces.


Ace Spec Japan

A community, primarily operating in English on LINE, for asexual and asexual spectrum individuals living in Japan.
To get in touch visit their website:

Queer As Cat

An English and Japanese speaking asexual activist living in Japan. They have a wealth of knowledge!

>> See their hashtag for aces in Japan:



Resources for intersections of asexual + (Q)POC:

Tana Megumi

A Japanese author who identifies as Asexual. Their works include…

  • [アセクシャル ~ひとりでみんなと生きていく~ (Asexual hitori de minna to ikite iku~)].
    A comic strip based on autobiographical moments in the author’s (who is asexual) life.
  • [愛は恋情に非ず ~Aセク視点で見る歴史(Ai ha renjou ni arazu~eisuku shiten de miru rekishi)] is a a non-fiction work of theirs.

さよなら恋愛至上主義 – Sayonara Ren’ai Shijou Shugi

さよなら恋愛至上主義 – Aセク当事者がLGBTやその他のことを考えるブロ
A blog written by an asexual writer about asexuality and other LGBT things.

Website :

とあるアセクシャルの日常 – Toaru Asekusharu no Nichijou

「とあるアセクシャルの日常: LGBTの仲間、アセクシャルのひとりの日常をつづるブログ」
The everyday blog of an asexual person who also happens to organize LGBTQIA 友情結婚 / “friendship marriage” parties.

Website :

Japanese Ace Groups

You can find Asexual groups on mixi, though you have to log-in to see more than the initial ones available.

Website :

Messaging Board

A messaging board for information about asexuality.

Website :

Twitter : @asexualjp


Explaining Asexuality in Japanese

Study of Asexuality – A brief explanation of asexuality in Japanese.

Website :

Outdated Blogs

While these blogs are outdated, they still have useful info about asexuality in Japan.


If you’re interested in resources outside of Japan, we have a list of those too! Visit as many as you please.




Other Media