Stonewall LGBT+ Weekend in Atami!



Want to spend a weekend with new LGBT+ friends?
Can you speak conversational English + Japanese?
Stonewall is hosting a bilingual weekend in Atami, so come
and join us for discussions, koyo, onsen, ryokan and more! Come with friends, by yourself, it’s sure to be a nice weekend.

Date: November 5-6th (Saturday – Sunday)
Place: Atami、Shizuoka
Price: TBA (about 10,000円 for 1 night stay + dinner on Sat evening)

Basic Rules:
1.Participants must understand the concept of a safe space, this is an absolute judgment free event.
2. Everyone must respect the different levels of English and Japanese language capabilities of other participants.
3. Participants must be a self-identified LGBTQ member or ally (Important note: Most discussion topics (coming out, career as an LGBT, same-sex marriage) may not be directly relevant to allies and we ask for strict discretion of LGBT participants from everyone.)

Application Process:

a. If you’d like to join us, please fill in this survey…

b. The deadline for sign-ups are October 9th.

c. All participants must pay the full amount by October 16th.

d. On the morning of November 5th, a group of people from each of Tokyo, Yokohama, Shizuoka and Nagoya regions will arrange to meet up, and head towards Atami.

e. Participants from other regions need to arrange their own travel arrangements.

f. We will all stay at a LGBTQ-friendly place (hopefully a ryokan) with an onsen and have dinner!

g. There will be discussions and group activities throughout the day such as seeing the koyo, and sightseeing (but it’s not mandatory).

h. After check-out on the morning of November 6th, participants should feel free to stay in Atami, make another trip or go home.

Things to note:

Language – The working language will be English; however, important public announcements are also made in Japanese. Conversational level of both languages would be preferable for the purposes of discussion, but not required.

Age – Participants must be at least 20. If you are 18 or 19, however, please contact us and we may be able to accommodate.

Onsen – We understand that some people may not be interested in visiting an onsen or feel they are not suitable for them, so this is an optional activity. An alternate activity is arranged for those who do not wish to go to an onsen.

For any questions or more details, please contact Yuki Shirato at [] or Louis Williams at [].

We’re looking forward to meeting you!
Stonewall Japan



日程: 11月5日(土)~6日(日)
場所: 熱海
料金: 10,000円程度(1泊1食)

2.  英語での会話に参加(会話レベルは不問)
3.  LGBTQかアライ(ただし、ディスカッションは主にLGBTQメンバー対象。また、LGBTQメンバーのプライバシーを全参加者が遵守)

a. ここで、10月9日までに、基本情報をエントリー!

b. 10月16日までに全額を振り込み。

c.  11月5日の出発前に再度ご連絡します(東京、名古屋などから集団出発、または個人で交通手配)。


1. 基本的に20歳以上のみ。18、19歳の場合は、個別に連絡ください。


質問があれば、write.yuki@gmail.comか までEメールください。