Shikoku Stonewall Tour 2nd Stop: Tokushima

This just in! The Tokushima Stonewall event was a success! All hands were on deck for coordinating this event—and that’s what made it special.

The group gathered at 1pm. We leisurely enjoyed a chicken-eating festival. Next, we took a boat ride through interesting parts of the Tokushima city. The breeze and low bridges made things fun. As mid-day began, our group familiarized itself with the Awa-odori dance of Tokushima and its museum. Then, as the sun settled we gathered for our main event, the Mystery Dinner. We had a high number of participants in attendance for this part of our day. Without knowing what foods would be served in our course menu, we indulged. The first restaurant was Mexican-style, second was Mediterranean food (I think), and the third restaurant was a calm, antique-type café that served deserts and espressos—all of the restaurants were LGBT friendly, too. I think the best part of the event was the conversations we had with each other. Many of us had our own unique and well-traveled experiences to share. We look forward to enjoying our next event in Ehime-ken!