Established in 2014, ELLY is a Mie-based LGBT organisation.
ELLY has three aims:
1. To conduct lectures/workshops to schools about LGBT awareness. (Aims to reach 80% of schools in Mie)
2. To improve the work environment for LGBT people. (Elimination of unnecessary gender fields on paperwork/forms, improvement of toilet marks, establishment of LGBT consultation room, etc.)
3. To reach LGBT equality within systems. (‘LGBT-friendly’ declarations, introduction of same sex partnership certificates etc.)


Niji Mie Cafe / 「にじ☆みえ」 Cafe
There are monthly LGBT cafe meet-ups in various cafes in Mie. The organiser’s name is Tomoki Sakamoto. More info about the events can be found at the @issha_ELLY twitter handle or at ameblo.jp/lrl-human-design.


We currently don’t have any information yet, sorry!


We currently don’t have any information yet, sorry!


The Mie Rainbow Festa (みえレインボーフェスタ)
The Mie Rainbow Festa (みえレインボーフェスタ) is Mie’s Pride event and is held in Ise. It was held for its first time in September 2016, which was a fantastic event that Stonewall officially attended. You can read about the event here. The special guests at the event were Suzuki, Eikei 鈴木英敬 [Mie prefectural governor], Suzuki, Kenichi 鈴木健一 [Ise City Mayor], Okamoto, Sakae 岡本栄 [Iga City Mayor], Abe, Akie 安倍昭惠 [Prime Minister’s wife] and IVAN [model/celebrity/activist].
On November 26th (Sat) 2016 there was an LGBT event at the bar ‘GALA’ in Tsu.
Open 21:00, admission 500円, LGBT only.


〒510-0071 三重県四日市市西浦2-3-2 プレーザービル 1F
Gay bar in Yokkaichi.
B-chiku (B-地区)
0593558533 or 0593285217
〒510-0071 三重県四日市市西浦2-3-2 プレーザービル 1F
Gay bar in Yokkaichi, labeled as ‘mixed’. Sister bar to Seveninfinity.
0593558533 or 0593285217
〒510-0071 三重県四日市市西浦2-3-2 プレーザービル 3F
Gay bar in Yokkaichi. Still open as of Dec 2016. Same building as Seveninfinity and B-chiku.


Iga city is the first municipal in Mie, and outside of Tokyo, to issue same-sex partnership certificates. The certificate will allow same-sex couples to have the same rights as opposite-sex couples in hospitals, apartments run by the government and work with private companies, such as real estate agencies. [source]Notable people:

山口颯一 Yamaguchi, Shoichi established ELLY and tours around Mie and further afield doing lectures about gender/trans and sexual minority identities.

峰山和真 Mineyama, Kazuma works for ELLY.

市川武史 Ichikawa, Takeshi started up the Aichi-based LGBT organisation ‘On The Ground Project.’ He gave marketing support to the organisers of Mie Rainbow Fiesta.

太田有矢 Ota, Yuuya works for the Nagoya-based LGBT support network ‘G-pit net works’. He also gave support to the organisers of Mie Rainbow Fiesta.