日本語 Romaji Meaning
A ei shorthand for “anus” or “anal” in gay magazines and publications or when messaging friends in situations where character count is limited.
ana slang for “anus” (lit. hole)
アナルセックス anaru sekkusu anal sex
アナルビーズ anaru biizu anal beads
アンドロジーン andorojiin androgyne
アンドロジナス andorojinasu androgynous
アンドロジナス ルック andorojinasu rukku androgynous look
兄貴 aniki a masculine gay man who is mature in both actions and appearance. (lit. older brother) ** If the man speaks and behaves femininely, he is called nee san, which means “older sister”
ありあり ariari a trans woman who has undergone breast augmentation surgery but still has male genitalia. ** In the case where they have undergone sex reassignment surgery, they are referred to as arinashi
Aセクシャル, エイセクシャル eisekushuaru asexual (understood in Japanese to be asexual aromantic)
アウティング autingu outing
badi a Japanese gay magazine targeting lean and muscular young men
薔薇 bara 1) refers to various popular gay magazines, including Bara Kei, first published in 1961, Bara, first published in 1964, and Bara Zoku, published in 1971. The term was in use until around 1980. 2) an outdated derogatory term for gay people. It once held the same weight that calling someone okama or homo has in modern times. 3) a misappropriated term used in the western word to refer to Japanese gay comics
バリリバ bari riba adept at being both a top and a bottom
バリタチ bari tachi exclusively a top
バリウケ bari uke Exclusively a bottom
ベア bea Bear = kuma kei
ビデボ bide bo An adult video arcade (lit. video box)
文通欄 buntsuuran A worker at a gay brothel (lit. “boy”)
badi a personal advertisement section commonly printed in gay magazines that was popular before the spread of the internet. Gay men could submit their information to the publisher to be printed. If a reader found someone that they liked, they could send a letter through the publisher, who would redirect the letter to the recipient. (lit. correspondence column)
チャンスボトル chansu botoru A chance bottle describes a situation at a gay bar where a customer’s bottle keep is almost empty, therefore creating a chance that the customer will purchase a new bottle. ** Not a term exclusive to gay bars.
チェストバインダー chesuto baindaa Chest binder
治療意思のない jiryou ishi no nai No-hormones / non-op
中性 chuusei Neutrality; sexlessness; androgyny; androgyne; neuter; neuter gender; between man and woman
中性的 chuuseiteki Neutral
中性的ファッション chuuseiteki fasshon Neutral fashion
DD dii dii An overweight man with an attraction to other men of the same body type. Shorthand for debu sen debu (lit: fat fat-fetishist)
第三の性 daisan no sei Third gender
ダナーズ danaazu term for trans men who are attracted to other trans men
男装 dansou disguise oneself as [be dressed like] a man; wear [be in] men’s clothes
誰専 dare sen 1) a person who is sexually attracted to anyone of the same sex regardless of their appearance 2) a person whose sexual attraction cannot be narrowly defined by specific type 3) a person who is sexually attracted to wide range of types.
デブ専 debu sen fat fetishism
デビュー debyuu used to describe the first time one has experienced an aspect of the gay world **for example, gei baa debyuu; one’s first time going to a gay bar.
デカマラ deka mara huge penis
堂山 douyama short for 堂山町, or Douyama-chou. This district is Osaka’s answer to Shinjuku Ni-Chome
FTM female-to-male; transman
FTMゲイ FTM gei gay FTM; a trans man who identifies as gay (attracted to men)
FTX female-to-x gender / unknown gender / gender other than woman
ファム;フェミ;フェム famu; femi; femu femme
腐女子 fujyoshi a derogatory term used by gay men towards women who enjoy “Boy’s Love” genre comics (lit. rotten girl)
腐マンコ fumanko a derogatory term used by gay men towards women who enjoy “Boy’s Love” genre comics (lit. rotten cunt)
フケ􏰀専 fuke-sen a person who prefers middle aged to elderly men ** This term is used more commonly than oke sen.
フテ子 fute-ko a hypocritical gay man who holds himself above others despite his own behavior being bad
G ji shorthand for “gay” in gay magazines and publications or when messaging friends in situations where character count is limited.
GMPD ii emu pii dii acronym for the spectrum of full-figured men; “gacchiri, mucchiri, pocchari, debu” (lit: solidly built, plump, chubby, fat)
G-men ji men a Japanese gay magazine targeting full-figured men
ガチデブ gachi debu a man whose body is solidly-built but with a substantial amount of excess weight. ** A man whose body is solidly-built but with a substantial amount of excess weight.
ガチムチ gachi muchi a man whose body is solidly-built, but with bit of plumpness. ** The use of this term is subjective and varies between individuals.
ガッチビ gacchibi a man with a short but well-built, stout physique ** The use of this term is subjective and varies between individuals.
ガッチリ gacchiri a man with a well-built and stout physique (lit. solidly built) ** The use of this term is subjective and varies between individuals.
外􏰀専 gai-sen a person with a preference for non-Japanese men. ** In this context, non-Japanese refers to western, white men.
外出 gaishutsu 1) to leave a gay bar with the tab still open in order to visit another shop, with the intention of coming back to the bar to resume drinking later on. 2) to leave a bath house with the intention of returning later on. Depending on the establishment, this may be free or cost a re-entry fee.
ガマン汁 gaman jiru pre-cum
ガン堀り gan hori rough anal sex
ガリ gari a derogatory term for a skinny man.
ガテンフェチ gaten fecchi a fetish for manual laborers, such as construction workers, plumbers, ect.
ゲイバー gei baa gay bar
ゲイビデオ gei bideo gay pornography (gay video)
ゲイビーチ gei biichi a gay beach; a beach where gay people gather, often located in a hidden area
ゲイ漫画 gei manga comics made by gay men for gay men with gay romance as a theme (gay comics)
ゲイナイト gei naito a gay club event (lit. gay night)
ゲイパレード gei pareedo gay parade
ゲイ小説 gei shousetsu novels written by gay men for gay men with gay romance as a theme (lit. gay novels)
ゲイタウン gei taun a gay village; gay neighborhood (gay town)
ゲイ雑誌 gei zasshi gay-themed magazines (lit. gay magazine)
ゴメオ gomeo a once popular but now illegal synthetic drug, often watered down and taken rectally by bottoms before anal sex
ゴーグルマン googuru man In Japanese gay pornography, this is the man who often acts as the “top” for the adult video model. This moniker comes from the fact that he often wears swimming goggles to conceal his face in order not to deter attention from the model. (lit. goggle man)
ハードゲイ haado gei a gay member of the leather subculture / a leatherman
ハッテン hatten to have casual sex
ハッテン場 hatten-jyo a cruising spot; a gay bath house
髭坊主 hige bouzu a man with shortly-clipped hair and a full beard
非二元論 hinigenron non-dualism; non-binary
北欧館 hokuou-kan the name of a popular gay sauna in Osaka’s Douyama-Chou.
ホゲる hogeru flamboyant
ホモバレ homo bare when someone’s homosexuality is known/obvious to everyone around them, even though they have not come out.
法的な性 houteki na sei legal sex
表現 hyougen expression (can be used to refer to gender expression)
イカニモ ikanimo a derogatory term used to describe a gay man with a stereotypically gay out- ward appearance, including but not limited to a muscular build, short hair, well-kept facial hair, and wearing preppy, western, brand-named clothing
イカホモ ikahomo = イカニモ(ikanimo)
イモ系 imo-kei 1) a blanket term for men with a rough appearance including (but not limited to) single eyelids and thick eyebrows. This term can also be applied to full-figured and short-and-stout men. 2) generally used to describe simple and unsophisticated men.
インタージェンダー intaajendaa intergender
異性 isei the opposite sex
異性装 iseisou crossdressing
ジェンダー jendaa gender
ジェンダー・アイデンティティ jendaa aidentiti gender identity
ジェンダーベンダー jendaa bendaa gender bender
ジェンダーディスフォリア jendaa disuforia gender dysphoria
ジェンダーフリー jendaa furii gender-free, commonly referred to as gender-blind in English
ジェンダー研究 jendaa kenkyuu gender studies
ジェンダークィア;ジェンダークイア jendaa kwia; jendaa kuia genderqueer
ジェンダー理論;ジェンダー論 jendaa riron; jendaa ron gender theory
自己同一性 jiko douitsu sei self-identity (can be used in reference to gender)
女性から男性へ josei kara dansei he from female to male; FTM; transman
女装 josou (of a man) wearing women’s clothing; drag in women’s clothing
純女 junme; junjo woman assumed to not be a tans woman or crossdresser
ジャニ系 jyani-kei a handsome young man, reminiscent of the male idols of “Johnny & Associates, Inc.” (lit. Johnny type)
女装子 jyosou ko a man wearing clothing intended for females
K官 kei kan referring to members of the Japanese Self-Defense Force
兜合わせ kabuto awase the sex act where two women rub their vulva together; tribalism, tribbing
会員制 kaiinsei Member’s Only ** “Member’s Only” signs are posted on doors or signboards for gay bars, but there is actually no need to register for anything. The signs are used to deter straight men and women from entering the bar.
改名 kaimei name change
カミングアウト;カムアウト kamingu auto; kamu auto coming out (of the closet)
カモフラージュ kamofuraajyu 1) a woman used to conceal a man’s homosexuality. 2) a sham marriage used to conceal a man’s homosexuality. (lit. camouflage)
観光バー kankou baa a gay bar that also welcomes women and straight men (lit. sight-seeing bar)
顔専 kao-sen a person who places importance on a person’s face rather than their body type when selecting a partner.
体専 karada-sen a person who places importance on a person’s body type rather than their face when selecting a partner.
体は男性、心は女性 karada wa dansei, kokoro wa josei female mind in a male body (metaphor for transwoman)
体は女性、心は男性 karada wa josei, kokoro wa danei male mind in a female body (metaphor for transman)
ケツ ketsu ass/arse; asshole/arsehole **ketsu literally means ass/arse but is often used as shorthand for asshole/arsehole
ケツ掘りブランコ ketsu hori buranko a sex swing
ケツマンコ ketsu manko ass pussy; bussy; mussy
ケツワレ ketsuware a jockstrap
心の性 kokoro no sei nature of the heart/mind (can be used in reference to gender identity)
交尾 koubi intercourse (lit. copulation)
クエスチョニング kuesuchoningu questioning
熊系 kuma-kei a bear
クエスチョニング kuesuchoningu questioning
組合員 kumiai in a positive euphemism indicating that another man is also a homosexual (lit. union member)
クルージングスペース kuruujingu supeesu a bath house (lit. cruising space)
食われノンケ kuware nonke a heterosexual man who occasionally seeks out oral sex from men
クロスドレッサー kurosudoressaa crossdresser
クィア;クイア kwia; kuia queer
クィア理論;クィア論 kwia riron; kwia ron queer theory
キャンプ kyanpu camp
MTF male-to-female; transwoman
MTFビアン MTF bian MTF/transwoman who is a lesbian
MTFレズビアン MTF rezubian MTF/transwoman who is a lesbian
MTX male-to-x gender/unknown gender/gender other than man
待ち子 machiko someone who, at a gay bar or bath house, chooses to passively wait for someone they like to come to them, rather than actively pursuing someone.
ママ mama the owner of a gay bar. There are also cases where they are called “master”. However, whether or not the owner prefers to be called “mama” or “master” is based on their own preference.
マンコ manko pussy; the anus (when referring to a gay man)
マラ mara penis
ミケ専 mike-sen in fat fetishism, someone who prefers men over 100 kilograms
ミックスルーム mikkusu ruumu a large room in a cruising space with futons laid out (lit. mixed room)
店子 mise ko a staff member at a gay bar
モロ感 moro kan very physically sensitive, especially in regards to the anus and nipples
胸を潰す道具 mune o tsubusu dougu to flatten/bind the chest with an implement (such as a binder)
無性 musei asexual; agender
ナベホモ nabehomo gay FTM; gay transman
ナベシャツ nabeshatsu chest binder
中通り naka doori the main street of Shinjuku Ni-Chome
nama sex without a condom; bareback (lit. raw)
生掘り nama hori barebacking; having sex without a condom
ネコ neko (gay) the receptive partner in anal sex; bottom / (lesbian) loose equivalent to “femme”
寝待ち ne machi to fall asleep or pretend to fall asleep at a bath house or adult video arcade while waiting for a sexual partner.
二丁目;2丁目 ni-chome Shinjuku Ni-Chome; an area of Shinjuku, Tokyo, which is known for having hundreds of gay entertainment establishments.
肉棒 nikubou a euphemism for penis; meat stick
ノンジェンダー non jendaa no gender identity
ノンケ nonke straight; a straight man
ノンセクシャル nonsekushuaru asexual (understood in Japanese to be asexual aromantic)
オケ専 oke-sen gerontophile; a person with a sexual attraction to the elderly
オナベ;おなべ onabe FTM; transman; FAAB individual experiencing gender dysphoria
オナベのホモ onabe no homo gay FTM; gay trans man
オナニー onanii masturbation (lit. onanism)
オネエ onee femme; queen
オネエ言葉 onee kotoba a feminine style of speech used by some Japanese gay men
女物を着る onnamono o kiru to wear women’s clothing
女っぽい onnappoi womanly; feminine; effeminate
女らしい onnarashii womanly; ladylife; feminine
オラオラ系 oraora-kei a man who enjoys rough sex, such as acting domineering and speaking in an aggressive manner. ** This term has recently become dissociated with its gay roots, and commonly refers to a type of male fashion in Japan.
オラネコ oraneko an oraora kei man who is also the receptive partner in anal sex.
雄汁 osu jiru a euphemism for semen; man juice; cum
男でも女でもない otoko demo onna demo nai neither man nor woman
男物 otokomono role of a man (as in a play for performance)
男役 otoko yaku femme; queen
オネエ onee femme; queen
オネエ onee femme; queen
P pii shorthand for “penis” in gay magazines and publications or when messaging friends in situations where character count is limited
PROPAGANDA   an apparel company headquartered in Shibuya with designs popular among gay men. Their underwear is often worn by male models in gravure photo- graphs or adult videos
パートナー paatonaa partner (can be used for neutral term for significant other)
パッキング pakkingu packing
パッキングポーチ pakkingu pouchi packing pouch
パス pasu pass, passing
パスグッズ pasuguzzu “passing goods” – items to help with transgender passing
ぺにぐるみ;ペニぐるみ penigurumi penis packer
ポジ poji HIV positve (lit. positive)
プロ puro a gay man who is deeply involved in gay endeavors, such as owning a bar, appearing in gay pornographic videos or gravure photo books and so on (lit. pro)
ラッシュ rasshu poppers (lit. rush)
レズ rezu an abbreviation for lesbian (lit. les) **Sometimes it has a negative connotation when it is not used by the person.
レズビアン rezubian lesbian
リップスティック・レズビアン rippusutikku rezubian a lipstick lesbian; a lesbian woman who exhibits a greater amount of feminine gender attributes relative to other gender expressions, such as wearing make-up (thus, lipstick), wearing dresses or skirts and having other characteristics associated with feminine women
六尺 rokushaku a type of traditional Japanese underwear
両性 ryousei both sexes; both man and woman
両性具有 ryouseiguyuu androgynous
流動的 ryuudouteki fluid (can be used to describe gender)
SAMSON   a Japanese gay magazine targeting older, full-figured men
SG esu ji shorthand for “super gacchiri”, a body type name proposed by the magazine G-Men. It was widely used from the mid 90’s to early 00’s ** The use of this term is subjective and varies between individuals
盛る sakaru shameless, lustful, wild sex (lit. copulation) ** Sakaru means copulation, but usually in reference to animals
サオ sao a euphemism for penis, (lit. rod)
猿系 saru kei a man with a monkey-like appearance. The general stereotype is a man single eyelids and short, light brown dyed hair
セーフ seefu safe sex (lit. safe)
性別 seibestsu distinction by sex; sex; gender
性別不明 seibestsu funmei gender unknown / ambiguous
性別不詳 seibestsu fushou gender unknown
性別変更 seibestsu henkou sex change
性別違和 seibestsu iwa gender dysphoria
性別迷子 seibestsu maigo ambiguous gender
性別二元論 seibestsu ni genron theory of binary gender
性別に捉われない seibestsu ni towarenai to not be bound by sex or gender distinctions
性別の区分 seibestsu no kubun sex classification
性別のない seibestsu no nai unsexed; without gender
性別を混合する人 seibestu o kongou suru hito gender bender
性別をねじ曲げる人 seibestu o nejimageru hito gender bender
性別問わず seibestu towazu regardless of gender
性別適合手術 seibetsutekigou shujutsu sex reassignment (gender affirming) surgery
生物学的には男性 seibutsugakuteki niwa dansei biologically male (assigned male at birth)
生物学的には女性 seibutsugakuteki niwa josei biologically female (assigned female at birth)
性同一性 seidouitsusei gender identity
性同一性障害 seidouitsuseishougai Gender Identity Disorder (GID)
性ホルモン sei horumon sex hormone
性自認 sei jinin gender identity
性差 seisa sex difference
性的 seiteki (relating to) gender; sex; sexual
性転換手術 seitenka shujutsu sex chang operation
sen a suffix in Japanese which means “having a fetish for…”
シャイニーゲイ shainii gei a gay man who is active in parties and loves posting selfies with his boyfriend and/or other friends on social networking sites (lit. shiny gay)
社会的性別 shakaiteki seibetsu gender, social aspect of gender
シャワ浣 shawa kan shower enema
シスジェンダー shisujendaa cisgender
シスジェンダーの特 shisujendaa no tokan cisgender privilege
主婦レズ shufu rezu a lesbian who is married to a man
趣味女 shumi jyo a man who enjoys wearing women’s clothing
出生の性 shussho no sei assigned sex at birth
ソフトパック sofuto pakku soft pack
スジ筋 suji kin a body type characterized by a skinny and muscular frame
スジ筋 suji kin a body type characterized by a skinny and muscular frame
ストレート sutoreeto a straight man person
タチ tachi (gay) top; insertive partner in anal sex / (lesbian) “boyish,” loose equivalent to “butch”
タチション;立ち小便;立ちションパッカー tachishon; tachishon pakka stand to pee; STP packer
タック takku tuck
種付け tane tsuke coming inside another man’s anus; seeding
尋ね人 tane tsuke an online message board service provided by gay online dating sites used to unite men who are looking to contact someone they saw at a gay event or bath house ** Similar to the “missed connections” section on the site “Craigslist”
トコロテン tokoroten prostate orgasm
特定されない性別 tokusei saranai seibetsu sex or gender not specified
共食い tomogui a derogatory term referring to full-figured men who are attracted to and seek out other full-figured men. (lit. cannibalism)
トランス toransu trans
トランス toransu trans
トランスフォビア toransufobia transphobia
トランスヴェスタイト toransuvesutaito transvestite
トラシャツ torashatsu chest binder
ウケ uke bottom; the receptive partner in anal sex
売り専 urisen 1) a male prostitute 2) a rent boy 3) a gay brothel
専知り wake shiri refers to straight friends to whom one is out
X-gender; Xジェンダー; エックスジェンダー x-jendaa; ekkusu-jendaa an identity label in Japan, analogous to the terms non-binary, agender, and genderqueer in English
ヤオイ yaoi a Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving love between men in manga, anime, and related Japanese media; yaoi focuses on the sexual orientation or the romantic orientation aspects of the relationship, or both, the latter of which sometimes being called shōnen-ai by Western fandom (also known as BL, boys love)
ヤリ部屋 yari heya refer to a cruising spot (lit. fucking room)
ヤリ目 yari mei in regards to online SNS dating services, this indicates that one is just looking for sex rather than for friends or a significant other (lit. looking to fuck)
ヤリ捨て yari sute hooking up with someone, and thereafter, cutting all communication with them (lit. fuck and throw away)
ヤリ友 yari tomo friend with benefits (lit. sex friend, fuck buddy)
汚れ専 yogore sen a fetish for manual laborers, such as construction workers or other blue-collar workers; a person who prefers dirty or sweaty men, for example, after heavy physical labor
妖精 yousei a homonym of the Japanese word for “positive”, yousei is sometimes used as a euphemism for an HIV positive man (lit. fairy)
ユニフェチ yuni fechi used to describe sports uniform fetishism, for example, baseball, soccer, rugby, and so on
百合 yuri a Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving love between women in manga, anime, and related Japanese media; Yuri focuses on the sexual orientation or the romantic orientation aspects of the relationship, or both, the latter of which sometimes being called shōjo-ai by Western fandom (also known as GL, girls love)
ゆるぽ yurupo describes a man with a plump body type
全性 zensei all sexes; pangender