Stonewall Japan is solely run by volunteers and supported by donations. We have no building, office, rent, or overhead; no one takes a paycheck. This means 100% of your donations go toward directly furthering the mission of Stonewall Japan.

Annually, our primary expenditures include purchasing a booth at LGBT pride events across Japan. In 2015, Stonewall Japan represented at Tokyo Pride, Osaka Rainbow Pride, Fukuoka Pride, Okinawa Pink Dot, Nagoya Pride and events in Sendai.

To keep Stonewall Japan membership free, we rely on the kindness and support from you! If you would like to make a contribution to Stonewall Japan, we are able to take donations through direct bank transfers to our Japanese account. Our details are below:

Bank: JP Bank (ゆうちょ銀行)
Branch: 228 (ニニハ)
Account Number: 0136982
Account Type: Regular Account (普通)
Account Name: STONEWALL JAPAN (ストーンウォール.ジャパン)

Once you have completed payment, please drop us an email at so we can personally thank you for your generous contribution and confirm the transaction.